Judge Paul Dedinsky, Branch 5

Judge Paul Dedinsky, Branch 5

From the desk of Paul Dedinsky…

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to learn more about me and what makes me passionate about serving our community as a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge.

For over twenty years, I served the citizens of Milwaukee County as an Assistant District Attorney. I assisted victims of crime, held wrongdoers responsible for their actions, and developed restorative solutions proactively aimed to prevent crime. Being part of a team striving to make a positive impact is rewarding. As a circuit court judge, I am continuing that hard work, which is also why I am asking for your support.

Serving my hometown is a great honor, especially at the Milwaukee Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center where so much of my career has been spent working to combat family violence issues like child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic abuse.

Please feel free to check out this website, learn about my credentials and past community service, and then join our team. We need your help, and we so greatly appreciate your care and support.

Justice & Servant Leadership in Milwaukee

People deserve fair, impartial treatment. People want peaceful resolutions, gained in a timely and reasonably efficient manner. Victims desire that justice be restored and their “voice” be listened to and heard. Defendants must be treated in an ethical and dignified manner, and in accordance with our country’s standards of substantive and procedural law.

What, then, is servant leadership? On a practical level, for most people, servant leadership is about being oriented to others. It’s about being approachable, accessible, and available to serve, In a courtroom context, the restoration of Justice is the goal, as well as the prism, through which every decision must be viewed and measured. Judge Paul Dedinsky strives to be approachable and to make his courtroom a place where Justice is accessible and available to all people.



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judges are, first and foremost, public servants who listen, respect, and serve people.

- Judge Paul Dedinsky