Paul Dedinsky’s Legal Career

On August 14, 2019, the Milwaukee Police Association gave its full endorsement to Judge Paul Dedinsky! Paul is honored and most grateful to have the full backing of the Milwaukee Police Association.

On August 14, 2019, the Milwaukee Police Association gave its full endorsement to Judge Paul Dedinsky! Paul is honored and most grateful to have the full backing of the Milwaukee Police Association.

Background and Legal Experience

Before joining the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office in January 1997, Judge Paul Dedinsky worked in private practice from June 1993-January 1997, representing clients in a range of criminal and juvenile defense matters. His practice included general civil matters including family law, civil injunctions, personal injury, and administrative law matters. Paul represented defendants in approximately 250 criminal matters (adult and juvenile) involving direct client contact. The goals of working directly with crime victims, meting out justice, holding offenders accountable, and gaining more valuable courtroom and trial experience then led to Paul’s service as an Assistant District Attorney.

As a prosecutor for over twenty years under former District Attorney E. Michael McCann and District Attorney John Chisholm, Paul reviewed thousands of law enforcement investigations, charged criminal and civil matters, and litigated thousands of misdemeanor, felony, drunk driving, delinquency, civil CHIPS, domestic violence, and sexual assault cases. He personally litigated over 100 court trials and over 50 jury trials, with the majority of prosecution cases being of a victim-centered nature. Today, he presides over a wide range of legal proceedings at the Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sensitive Crimes Prosecutor

Before directing the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Domestic Violence Unit (2001-2007), Paul Dedinsky served as a Sensitive Crimes prosecutor for two years (1999-2001), litigating sexual assaults and felony child abuse matters.

Domestic Violence Unit Director

Based upon the Power & Control Wheel, Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth, Minnesota.

Based upon the Power & Control Wheel, Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth, Minnesota.

As the director of the Domestic Violence Unit for five and a half years in the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office (2001-2007), Paul Dedinsky supervised a unit of prosecutors while helping to develop and draft policy for domestic violence issues. He lent his legal opinion as to the application of legal authority under Wisconsin’s domestic abuse statutes. Paul testified before the state legislature concerning proposed legislation, advising in the production of new legislation for domestic abuse issues. Paul also joined in a statewide effort to draft language for legislation related to the state’s stalking and strangulation statutes.

As the DV Unit director, Paul Dedinsky championed training for police, advocates, and prosecutors locally and nationally. Focusing on “evidence-based” investigation/prosecution techniques, Paul Dedinsky taught law enforcement officers and prosecutors about stalking, strangulation, Crawford v. Washington confrontation clause challenges, and victim intimidation/manipulation. He also trained DOC probation and parole agents to better understand their role in handling revocation hearings and supervising domestic abuse offenders.

Paul served on the city of Milwaukee’s Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (2001-2007). He proudly served alongside many dedicated law enforcement officers on the Milwaukee Police Department Family Violence Unit Planning Committee (2002-2003), charged with re-writing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the Milwaukee Police Department. The multi-disciplinary committee included advocacy groups/citizens from the greater Milwaukee community interested in promoting victim safety. Out of this effort, a specialized Family Violence Unit was established within the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) to expend greater resources in the investigation of domestic violence allegations. With the new policies and procedures in place, Paul Dedinsky worked in tandem with an ambitious team of dedicated law enforcement officers to train the entire Milwaukee Police Department over a span of eight straight weeks at the Milwaukee Police Academy – conducting similar trainings for Milwaukee County suburban police officers at MATC – with a collaborative team of law enforcement officers and victim advocates.

Administrative Law and Ethics Experience

From May of 2017 to January of 2019, Paul Dedinsky served in the role of Chief Legal Counsel for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), where he worked on consumer protection issues as well as a broad spectrum of administrative rule-making, contractual, employment, human resources, and public records/ open meetings legal issues. Paul assumed the role of ethics counsel and ethics trainer for the various Divisions and new employees for the Wisconsin state agency.


Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection

Thanks to Legal Counsel Cheryl Daniels, State Bar leader and former League of Women Voters President and ALJ, for the gift of the “You Be the Judge” sign. Pictured with Cheryl & Paul are friends & former DATCP colleagues: Atty Liz Kennebeck, Atty Paul LaZotte, Atty Sheri Walz, and Public Records Specialist Bridget Frick.

While not every case results in life-altering outcomes, legal decisions do affect people in profound ways. Family law and civil court cases impact how adults and children interact in relationships. Civil and criminal cases provide wrong-doers with the opportunity to meet their obligations, take personal responsibility, and redress harms committed to victims and community members.”
— Paul Dedinsky, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 5